15 Clever Ways to Use T-URLL QR Codes

Tocka Published on July 21, 2022

When it comes to communication, simple is best. That’s what makes a QR Code such an impactful tool, especially when trying to provide your customers with contact-less ways to engage with your products/services or to pay.

Since every QR Code you generate in T-URLL is coupled with a unique T-URLL link, you can track how people engage with every QR code and use that data to draw important insights on your campaigns and initiatives.

QR Codes also help you connect people to your brand’s online experience in seconds. And with some creative thinking, you can sprinkle a bit of delight into your customer experience in the process.

A little delight can go a long way to keep your customers loyal to your brand and to bring new customers on board. In fact, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.

Ready to start generating T-URLL QR Codes? Get inspired by some of our favorite ways businesses and influencers use them.


1 — Build an email subscriber list

Growing your list of email subscribers is an ongoing task. One way you can use QR Codes is to help attract new signups. All you have to do is add one to your marketing collateral, brochure, leaflet or sticker, and point people to your email signup form.


2 — Boost your social media following

Want to grow your social media following? Use a QR Code to point to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social account. We’ve seen influencers and businesses do this at events, in office lobbies — even on business cards. 


3 — Share promotions & discounts

Got a special offer you want to advertise? Point your audience to it using a QR Code to share seasonal offers, limited-time promotions, and special discount codes for your most loyal customers. You can even add a QR Code to your packaging or receipts that offer the buyer a special deal on their next purchase.


4 — Customer gifts

If you’re looking to send your clients a gift, such as a box of cupcakes, try adding a QR Code to tie back to your business. You can point them to a landing page that thanks them for being a long-time customer or share exciting company news.


5 — Giveaways

Have some fun with your customers by giving away something you know they’ll value — like a free product or trial, or exclusive content. This one is more about where you point people to than where you place the QR Code. We’ve seen businesses add QR Codes on TV ads or in their direct mail to customers, enticing them to scan the code to receive a free gift.


6 — Guerilla marketing campaigns

Depending on your brand, you may also be open to less conventional marketing tactics, such as spray chalking a QR Code on the sidewalk or including them in interactive art or on temporary tattoos. This is a great way to make a statement while seamlessly driving people from your in-person experience to anywhere online you want to point them.


7 — Share product info

Share more information, including reviews, about your products, your brand or virtually any other aspect of your business by placing a QR Code on your products. This is a great way to win customers over on a product they’re on the fence about, while also seamlessly bridging your online and offline shopping experience. And what a bonus to not try to cram too much info onto the product itself! (Your design team will thank you.)


8 — Point to an instructional video

Show. Don’t tell. If your product or service requires users to follow a set of instructions, consider directing them to a step-by-step video. We’ve seen this done for products like furniture and appliances, but it can work just as well for anything that requires assembly.


9 — Save time, skip the line

Use QR Codes outside and throughout your store, as well as in physical advertisements, to let shoppers know you have in-store/curbside pickup. The pandemic has made ordering online and picking up in-store or curbside a very popular option.


10 — Create a contact-less shopping storefront

Take “window shopping” to a new level by creating a contact-less shopping storefront or pop-up. To do this, add QR Codes to physical items displayed behind your storefront window. When a shopper sees something they like, they can scan it and be sent directly to the specific page in your app or on your website to purchase it. It’s easy, and it’s fun twist to your typical “window shopping.”


11 — Point buyers online when a product is sold out in stores

Add QR Codes to the back of product shelves. When a product sells out, customers can scan the code and be directed to your website or app to make the purchase online. Not only is this a great way to improve the shopping experience but it’s also an easy way to acquaint people with your website or app.


12 — Make checkouts a touch-less experience

Smartphone-wielding shoppers have grown familiar with scanning QR Codes throughout the pandemic to complete their transactions. This helps keep your customers safe since they can scan a code and be directed to a payment page where they can check out using their mobile device.


13 — Add an event to customers’ calendars

Have an upcoming event you want your customers to attend? Use a QR Code to prompt them to add the event to their online calendar. Simply take the URL pointing to the calendar event and use it to generate a QR Code. Once it’s in their calendar, they’ll be less likely to forget about it.


14 — Share your location coordinates

Advertise an event, sale, or promotion with a CTA pointing people to your location. Customers will be able to transition from scanning your code to a map app, making it easy for them to follow the GPS directions to find you. This is especially helpful if you’re located somewhere that doesn’t get a lot of foot or vehicle traffic.


15 — No more printing menus

If your business sells food, point people to your menu via a QR Code printed on signage, a coaster, or a placemat. This is a great way to save on printing costs and avoid multiple people touching a menu.


QR Codes can be used to enable all kinds of interactive, yet touch-less, experiences. T-URLL QR Codes are easy to generate and provide real-time insights into how customers engage with your brand. 


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